What Are The Benefits And Types Tummy Tuck You Can Get?

Tummy tuck or otherwise known as abdominoplasty is a type of surgical procedure that aims to remove extra sagging skin in the body. The fat deposits are suppressed while the abdominal muscles are tightened. This particular procedure is very convenient for many people because this can be customized easily to fit their wants and needs.

In the next lines, you're about to know the 3 different types of tummy tuck baltimore surgeries that you can undergo.

Number 1. Traditional abdominoplasty - in this procedure, there will be 2 incisions to be made. First is going to be the horizontal incision that runs from hip to hip and the other is near on the navel. The procedure creates a new belly button and tackles the whole abdomen. At the end of the surgery, the excess fats and skin will be eliminated while the remaining skin is tightened. Normally, this goes hand in hand with liposuction.

Number 2. Endoscopic abdominoplasty - this basically involves a small camera that's attached to a tiny tube and then inserted through a small incision. The camera is used in order to monitor alterations and for this procedure, it involves tiny incisions and for that, creating minimal scars. The procedure is perfect for those who got small amounts of fats and weakened muscles. It can also be used on patients who got small amount of sagging skin.

Number 3. Extended abdominoplasty - in addition to removing excess skins and fats, this procedure can also get rid of love handles. To be able to create the changes, a hip to hip incision has to be made. After the baltimore cosmetic surgery procedure, the scar will become invisible.

Regardless of what procedure you've chosen for your tummy tuck surgery, rest assure to enjoy numerous benefits similar to:

Improved Self-Confidence

There are so many people who lose their self-confidence after realizing that they got large and unattractive abdomen. Surgery is capable of cutting down a lot of fat in stomach region, giving you more confidence.

Reduces Stretch Marks and Improves Physical Appearance

Say that you got a large stomach, then abdominoplasty may be used to reduce it, resulting to a smoother, flatter and stronger stomach.

Skin Reduction

The colossal folds of sagging skin in your stomach has the potential to cause infection whether you like it or not. By undergoing this procedure, people are able to get rid of their extra skin as it removes the excess fats in their body.